Los Diablos Blancos

(2004 - 2006) • (2011 - present)

Aaron Kline - guitars & vocals

Lawrence Keach - bass, vocals, & propaganda

Jason Eaton
guitars & vocals (2004 - 2006)
drums & vocals (2011 - present)

Scott Miles - guitars & vocals
(2011 - present)

Jeff Phelps - keyboards
(2015 - present)

Chris Riley - drums (2004 - 2006)


We were born from a beer tree. We fought the ancient enraged gila monster for the golden harmonica of Monte Zeppo. For other myths & truthful lies read on....

Los Diablos Blancos is an all original Quirk Rock band from Central, Illinois.

We are seasoned songsters who serve up a wild ride of yankee blues wankadelica, midwestern garage pop,
p-town rawk steady, hick-punk, straight hick, psychedelic country & opera metal with white-boy funk accents.


Los Diablos Blancos

We are four brothers who come from the same small salt-water podunkopolis. We be jubilee hill billies of kickapoo creek. We were children of the 80's and we wanted our MTV. We started making music in the 90's. We don't speak Espanol very well. We have mucho passion for what we do. We hope you enjoy our music. Thanks for listening! Muchos Gracias! Hasta Luego! Vaya con Dios!

** ** (beware of gila monsters) ** **





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