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Los Diablos Blancos are in the studio.

Our next album will feature 13 new songs
recorded by Jeff Gregory at The Batcave!
Thanks Jeff!





"Vivos Los Diablos" is a re-release of some of the band's best songs featuring material from the self-recorded demo "El Basemento" (2004) and "7 for the Devil" (2005 - Chocolate Lady Land Studios) as well as one new song "Be With Me Always" recorded at Scott Quality Studios. After a 7 year hiatus, the muchachos are once more throwing their sombrero into the ring.


These songs are available through various streaming and download sites on our LINKS page.



Mud Puddle Pizza & Pub - 10/17/15

Oliver's (Peoria Heights) - 09/11/2015

Mud Puddle Pizza & Pub - 06/13/2015

Yardfest 2014 - 08/09/2014

Mud Puddle Pizza & Pub - 05/24/2014

Peoria Pizza Works - 10/5/2013



Some old songs, some new songs... & other oddz an endz...

(many of these are just recorded from our i-phones. to hear our studio recordings check out Vivos!)

•The Masher (v2) - (2004) a re-mashered version of the song for Garage Punk submission

•Jagstang Mustard @ Aaron's House of Boobies - Los Diablos Muchachos 4/18/14

• Paper Hearts - L. Keach

• Summer Song - A. Kline

• Tom Mackeldriver - J. Eaton & S. Miles

• Surf Rock for the Land Locked - L. Keach

• Excellent the Damage - L. Keach

• A Short Hair Jam - A.Kline & J. Eaton

• Yonder OOdle-lay - Baron Von Tiltawhirl & his merry elves

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